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Pomarine skua – Stercorarius pomarinus

The pomarine skua – Stercorarius pomarinus
is a seabird in the skua family Stercorariidae. It is a migrant, wintering at sea in the tropical oceans. Its relationships are not fully resolved; its mitochondrial DNA is most similar to the great skua,[3] but from morphology and behavior, it is closer to the lesser skuas (such as the parasitic jaeger). The most likely explanation is extensive hybridization between the great and one species of lesser skuas, which resulted in a hybrid population that eventually evolved into a distinct species, the pomarine jaeger; or alternatively between the pomarine and a species of Southern Hemisphere skua, with the great skua being the hybrid offspring, perhaps appearing as recently as the 15th century.  Judging from characteristics of the skeleton and behavior, the former seems more likely, as the pomarine jaeger shares several similarities with the “Catharacta” skuas, while the great skua does not seem much different from its Southern Hemisphere relatives.

The mtDNA difference between the pomarine jaeger and the great skua is one of the smallest between any two vertebrate species yet analyzed, being less than the variation found between different individuals of widespread species. The apparent capability for hybridization has led to the abolition of the separate genus Catharacta for the Southern Hemisphere and great skuas.

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Recording by Andrew Spencer from Xeno canto