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black-throated thrush – Turdus atrogularis

black-throated thrush – Turdus atrogularis
is a passerine bird in the thrush family. It is sometimes regarded as one subspecies of a polytypic species, “dark-throated thrush”, red-throated thrush then being the other subspecies. More recent treatments regard the two as separate species.

The black-throated thrush is a migratory Asian species. Its range overlaps with the more easterly-breeding red-throated thrush.

This is a large and distinctive thrush. The male has black from the chin to the breast with a greyish black tail. The upperparts are grey and the underparts are whitish with orange-red underwing coverts. Females and immatures are similar but the black on the throat and breast is replaced with dusky streaking.

The breeding range of the black-throated thrush extends from the extreme east of Europe to Western Siberia and north-west Mongolia. The wintering range extends from the Middle East, although uncommon in the Arabian Peninsula to eastern Burma. As a vagrant it has occurred in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan as well as to most of Europe west of its normal range.

It sounds like this
Recording by Rolf A. de By from Xeno canto