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Siberian accentor – Prunella montanella

Siberian accentor – Prunella montanella
The Siberian accentor (Prunella montanella) is a small passerine bird which breeds in northern Siberia on both sides of the Urals. It is migratory, wintering in southeast Asia. It is a rare vagrant in western Europe, and a very rare vagrant on the West Coast of the United States.

This is a dunnock-sized bird, 13-14.5 cm in length. It has a streaked reddish-brown back, but adults have a brownish-black crown, dark cheeks, and a buff supercilium. The entire underside is yellowish rusty-buff. Like other accentors, this species has an insectivore’s fine pointed bill.

During 2016 a large number of birds were blown over the Baltic Sea to the Swedish eastcoast to be admired by Swedish birders.

It sounds like this
Recording by Alex Yakovlev from Xeno canto